Our "Why."

For several years, my Associates and I  have been involved in network marketing, direct sales, coaching, training, and adminstration of  business activities.  Our purpose, in continuing  at this time, is to help folks develop their skills so that they too may have the opportunity to do what they would like to do, make money, enjoy good health,  spend valuable time with their families, and follow their own pursuits.

It is our understanding that you would like to make money from home; make changes in your current employment situation; gain extra income;  do something that is personally rewarding,  or meet the following goals..

Pay off student loans using extra "income."

Supplement your retirement income.

Build a "cruise"  or "vacation"  kitty.

Develop, or use your talents, from home, due to infirmeties or constraints.

Whatever Your Reason

We encourage you to  take the time to take the "trial."  See how easy, educational, inexpensive ($7.00 bucks), and simple this program is.  Don't like it, forget it!  Like it, come grow with it!    The time is now. Get a cup of coffee, relax, and watch the video. https://isuccessformula.com/chris/?id=thegardener

The journey begins with the first step-take it now!

Until next time,

Lew Fisher-the gardener

"As you sow, so shall you reap."



The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income


" What Is A Blog?"  by Sue Fisher

A Blog is your home on the internet.  It provides a way to communicate with others on the web.  It is where you can share your passions, hobbies, views etc. with others. 

A Blog is where you place or store content that others can see, read, watch or listen.   A place where you can express your opinions and your voice can be heard.  A place where you can provide advice or information on a topic that someone maybe interested in.  A place where you can provide answers to a question or questions others may be looking for.   A Blog can contain anything you want it to.    

Now you may be asking what is content?  Content is information and experiences that provide value to others.  It can be provided via photos, videos, images, reviews, the written word or any combination of these.  It contains the value that we want to provide to others.

How are individuals, groups, businesses etc.  using Blogs today?  They are being used to:

  • Share updates with family and friends who live far away
  • By Writers and Journalists to gather story topics and the public’s opinion on what they think is important
  • As journals where people can keep a record of their achievements  or provide their reflections on all sorts of topics
  • To sell or promote products or services
  • A place to provide reviews of products, services, books etc.
  • To provide up to date news and information

 These are just a few of the different ways a Blog can be used in today’s world. 

Hope you learned something today.  Perhaps it provided a seed or thought that maybe you could use a blog for yourself.   Give it some thought.



Until next time,

Sue Fisher

 In the meantime if you have any questions that you might like to ask, please feel free to reach out to me at sue@susanLfisher.com.

Thank you, Sue.   Well done !

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View from the back yard - our mountains

It's not often that something comes along that can really add to the ease and quality of one's life.  A gentleman by the name of Dave Wood introduced a system that allows you, and me, to communicate with many folks at one time. The exclusive VBS [Viral Blogging System] program  can be used for civic activities, various groups or organizations, businesses, and chit chat as I have mentioned in earlier blogs and news letters. My purpose in bringing it up today is  to request that you look at it and see how it brings value to your verbal and non verbal communication. Learn  how it develops relationships with others and how easy it is to use, thus saving you time and money.

Listen my friends and you shall hear.

Listening is an art form.  Most people concentrate on "what's in it for  me" whether it is a sales transaction or  general conversation.   I believe the  reason is that all  time is valuable. Yours and theirs, so let's not waste it.

Not a sales pitch, but an educational tool for you.

We encourage you to join now, with no obligation-as you can cancel at any time should you choose to do so.  Not many people do, but the option is there!

$25.00 gets you started on a monthly basis.. Follow this link andsee how much you get for a small investment. 

Verbal Blogging System = "value" in relationships.

Until next time,

Lew Fisher-the gardener


Let's hear it from you.


Communication, written or spoken, is an art form. It's purpose is to convey a thought, a message, a call to action or disseminate information between folks like you and me. It can be as simple as idle chatter to while away the time on a lazy summer afternoon.

A "blog" is a form of communication to share information, a point of view, the Little League baseball schedule, or other matters of interest to the reader.

When writing a blog, you should have a goal in mind. Ask yourself "what you want the blog to do."

Practice and learn how to transition the reader to the goal you desire.

Carefully select keywords to draw your reader to your article.

Write to solve a problem your reader has. People search the internet to figure something out, do research, or get their questions answered.

A 'call to action' is when you tell your reader to do something.

For instance, if you would like to join our blog recipients go to "contact"- click here

Until next time,

Lew Fisher- "thegardener"

We Are Never To Old To Learn


Ben Franklin said " An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

To paraphrase Dave Wood, from his tutorial the other night .". . investment in selling knowlege, hones one's skills." And that is the reason for this blog today.

On Saturday August 23rd at 2 pm ET Dave Wood, and several highly successful leaders, are bringing a 6 hour video seminar live to all who are interested in earning, learning, replicating and refining their selling and recruiting skills.

.  The agenda will include "How Too's", real true stories, techniques, and the formula that will permit those, who attend, to develop and improve their business practices  regardless of business type.

Here's a taste of what is included:


  Lead Capture Mastery

  Developing a "responsive" list

   How to form proposls

  Preparing a sales structure to buy

  Expanding and upsells

Seats are limited and going fast.  An investment of $17.00 gets you in. Act NOW before the price goes up.  Register here.

Until next time,

Lew Fisher--the Gardener

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