A Thanksgiving message


Shingles are for roofs

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We wish you a very happy and healthy  holiday season. We all have many things to be thankful for and this time of year, commencing with Thursday, is a time for reflection.


Now let me briefly tell you what has transpired so far as we get into the season.  My wife and I got into our car and headed north to visit children for Thanksgiving. On the way I got a splitting headache up by the temple. It got worse, but I thought  “ just another cardiac event.”  A day or so after our arrival I found a doctor, mine having stopped practicing, who said “you’ve got shingles.  They are very painful.”  No kidding sport, was my immediate reaction. My verbal response was why, how?  The doctor said it was probably from my depressed immune system due to cancer plus over doing in a myriad of activities. I thought I had been so careful, but evidently not. The ‘new normal’ is far reaching and requires attention to one’s limitations. Also, if you have had chicken pox and have not had a shingles vaccination, please do it. Terry Bradshaw says it more eloquently than me, in his TV advertisement, but the message is clear—do it now.

Good news

The good thing is that I am sitting here in my sweat clothes, drinking coffee, writing this blog, maybe earning some money, and watching the grandchildren come and go with their various activities. The shingles will go. I will get a shingles vaccination in a couple of months when it is safe to do so. The experience  will not be forgetful and neither will I.  Lesson learned, follow directions, take action and have positive results. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Lew Fisher

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Have a Happy Day


Hey everyone,

My today is a happy day. I hope yours is too!

Each November represents another year after “chemo.”  This one is #2 and I am grateful for it, ‘cause  I’m still movin’ forward-although a bit slower than in the past.

As I mentioned some time ago, in January 2013 the MD’s said  “…you are looking good”  which was a far cry from 3 months earlier. “Keep up the program [recovery regimen].”  I tried to do just that, temporizing my plans and activities to meet the circumstances at the time. It was not particularly easy, nor always fun; sometime frustrating, but standing here today rewarding and well worth the effort.

I truly believe that a person’s attitude determines their altitude. Other factors come to bear, but maintaining “ a glass ½ full…” attitude plays an important part in how we address each day. Bobbi went through this long before I did and has coped and prospered admirably over the years.  It was her adherence to the MD’s regimen and  most certainly her determination to prevail that has served her well.  I really think she accepts reality [the new normal] much better than I do.


People ask me why I still work at the forthcoming age of 81.  The answer is “for fun.  I enjoy it. To help others gives me a sense of reward as they develop their skills and for all of us to make a buck along the way.”   The total of these things gives us a sense of accomplishment, self-worth and an attitude of gratitude to be able to share some of our experiences for the enjoyment and benefit of others. We keep our minds active while learning “techy”  things and helping others to do the same.

It may seem that Lew’s always pushing this or that. I choose to believe that it is a side effect of our efforts to expose other folks to the opportunities out there. We share some of our findings in health, wealth and self-satisfying programs and products that are of benefit to many people for a variety of reasons.

Like several of my friends say, “ You can’t fish or play golf all the time.” Others disagree.  I for one, wish to thank all of the professionals, friends, and acquaintances who have given me their support over the past few years so I am able to keep making decisions as to the use of my time. Thank you one and all!!!

Until next time,

Lew Fisher


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Happy Halloween


" Trick or treat, give me something good to eat. "  This children's happy greeting is loaded with anticipation for many of us.  For not only is Halloween fun, but it is the kickoff for Christmas and the holiday season.
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Happy Halloween,

Lew Fisher

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff



As Lori  Allen, well known breast cancer survivor from Atlanta says. " You can't sweat the small stuff and have cancer."   Being  members of the cancer survivors group, both Bobbi,my wife, and I can attest to the truth of Lori's comment. From personal experience it is difficult for many of us  to  adjust to this reality. The reality is that living with the constraints and pluses of the "new normal" determines one's activity level.

All In

Caregivers, friends, and family are affected when cancer strikes.  The treatment, recovery and aftermath can be daunting. Yet,  some things that happen during this process can be down right funny. Like many others, we found that a positive attitude, by everyone, certainly helps everyone. There are up and down moments for the patient, the caregiver,  friends and family. Perservering, with a smile, brightens everyone's day.

What next ?

We found, as many others have, that going through the diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials, prognosis, and recovery allows us to help and counsel others on their journey to recovery. Perhaps it was said best by Kimberly Brooks, breast cancer survivor, from New York. " I know it is hard to think as you are living this journey that there will be an 'after,' but there is.  There comes a time when you are not obsessed with doctor's appointments, procedures, implants, surgery; there is a life beyond all that, and you learn to appreciate it at a new level........when you live with uncertainty, you are more aware, more detertmined to make the most of every day." [ Coping magazine November/December 2013]

Until next time,

Lew Fisher-thegardener

Our "Why."

For several years, my Associates and I  have been involved in network marketing, direct sales, coaching, training, and adminstration of  business activities.  Our purpose, in continuing  at this time, is to help folks develop their skills so that they too may have the opportunity to do what they would like to do, make money, enjoy good health,  spend valuable time with their families, and follow their own pursuits.

It is our understanding that you would like to make money from home; make changes in your current employment situation; gain extra income;  do something that is personally rewarding,  or meet the following goals..

Pay off student loans using extra "income."

Supplement your retirement income.

Build a "cruise"  or "vacation"  kitty.

Develop, or use your talents, from home, due to infirmeties or constraints.

Whatever Your Reason

We encourage you to  take the time to take the "trial."  See how easy, educational, inexpensive ($7.00 bucks), and simple this program is.  Don't like it, forget it!  Like it, come grow with it!    The time is now. Get a cup of coffee, relax, and watch the video. https://isuccessformula.com/chris/?id=thegardener

The journey begins with the first step-take it now!

Until next time,

Lew Fisher-the gardener

"As you sow, so shall you reap."



The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

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